Would you like to lodge at autumn Onnela?

Autumn is the most amazing time in Lake Inari and the surrounding wilderness. Lots of different natural phenomena to see and experience: temperature fluctuations from up to +20 degrees during the day to the frosty frosts at night, the first northern lights of the season and the colorful glittering land.

With us, you can experience peaceful forest trips on the islands of different shades of orange, as well as in the forests, exploring the products of autumn. Soot pot coffee, mascara molded and self-picked berries after a little hike will bring a smile to anyone’s lips.

The catch of red-fleshed trout, Inari’s bold fish species, crystallizes in the fall. The uniquely painted wobblers, clear water lake and cheerful autumn air bring an unforgettable addition to a fishing trip. At the same time, you can also experience a beautiful light phenomenon as the sun sinks into the horizon colored in brown.

Options for activities, e.g Fishing in various forms, Hiking in the wilderness, boat trips, photography excursions, hunting, berry picking, overnight trips to islands or in the wilderness, multiplication…

Vaikka Onnelassa voi puuhata kaikenlaista, on se myös täydellinen paikka jos koet tarvitsevasi lomaltasi pelkkää rentoutumista ja rauhoittumista.

We will plan your trip exactly to your wishes.


In August, the autumn season begins, when the colors of nature change to orange, yellow and red.

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