Inari Onnela Wilderness Services is located in Finnish Lapland, on the Eastern side of the beautiful Lake Inari, right next to Vätsäri Wilderness.

We offer to our clients unforgettable experiences in Lappish Wilderness. Lake Inari and its surrounding nature are mesmerizing. Untouched nature, the silence of wilderness and Onnela Resort with its authenticity offer unbelievable and unique experiences year round. Experience the Lake Inari and its nature and recharge your energy in complete silence in the middle of wilderness.

Mental and physical wellbeing from Wilderness

Experiencing the woodburning sauna and bathing with lake water is a time travel to traditional Finnish lifestyle. You can also dip yourself into a hot tub to blow the cobwebs away. Staying overnight in silence, in the middle of Arctic Desert is an incomparable experience. Linking with Wilderness Nature relaxes and gives you mental and physical wellbeing. Silence unifies and you can recharge your batteries with no rush.

Finnish Lapland is famous for its Polar night. This means that in December-January, you can sense only a bit of daylight, between 1-5 hours a day. Feel the Polar Night in the wilderness with us. As the Spring comes, the amount of light increases and nature wakes up to flourish again.

In the Summertime you can sense the Midnight Sun. This means that the sun doesn’t set at all and you can experience nature’s energy with all your senses. Experience this uniqueness of the wilderness with us.

Transportation from Nellim to Onnela is included in our services. In the Summer we shift by boat, in the Winter by snowmobiles.

Recharge your batteries with no rush.


We offer you individualized services. To ensure your safety, the host is available at all times. The host takes care of your comfort by guiding and helping with daily activities. At Onnela, we put our focus only in you and we tailor our services for your needs. The only thing you need to do, is to enjoy.

Lake Inari and its surroundings is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.

Local Food

Food is always prepared on the spot. We use local food and products that come from local residents, such as fish and game. Any wishes and limitations regarding food arrangements are naturally taken into consideration.


In June and July, you can experience a nightless night when the sun doesn’t set at all.

Unique, charming holiday destination. Memories that you want to cherish.

If you are looking for privacy, peace, quietness and pure nature. Come to experience all this to Onnela. Ascetic holidays without electricity, city noises and pollution are an unique experience.

Jump off the modern hassle and schedules.

Experience these unique experiences at Inari Onnela.

At the end of August, the autumn season begins, when the colors of nature change to orange, yellow and red.

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