Would you like to lodge at summery Onnela?

In the Summertime you can enjoy the Midnight Sun and brightness. It is a pleasure to enjoy the campfire and Lappish cuisine after fishing or a boat cruise. And to add on that, you get to enjoy the silence and the sun in the middle of the night. Experience these unique thrills with us.

Fishing in the summer is varied and meaningful: as the sun hurts higher we go to experience the nets. In the evening we go to look for trout as well as grayling with fishing rods.

Boat trips to the islands, or if you want to spend the night in a tent on the island during the nightless night.

Fishing in summer is the best what you can do. Lures or fly fishing graylings and trouts, pure and clear water like what we have in Lake Inari. You can see the fish easily in the water and that when the fish catches.

At the end of a warm day, it's nice to go swimming in the lake after Sauna.

While you can do all kinds of things in Onnela, it is also the perfect place if you feel that you need just relaxation and calming down from your holiday.

Options for activities; boat cruise to Lake Inari and its islands? Fishing? Photography? Hikeing in the Wilderness? Bear’s nest tour? Midnight Sun trips? Swimming? Or just relaxing?...

We will plan your trip exactly to your wishes.

In June and July, you can experience a nightless night when the sun doesn’t set at all.

Inari Onnela Wilderness Services Oy

Petri Kokkonen